The town was thus named due to a fight between two Indians and two white men on a Calhoun County river bank.

In 1824, John Mullett was in the area with his surveyors when they found themselves in the company of two Indians. Whatever the reason, whoever irked the others is unknown; nevertheless, a skirmish began with the Indians and two members of the surveying party. This led John Mullett to dub the area 'Battle Creek'.

1831: First government land purchase
1832: First house built
1832: First post office and postmaster, both named 'Garnsey'
1834: 'Garnsey' changed back to 'Battle Creek'
1835: Surveyed
1836: Platted
1850: Incorporated as a village
1859: Incorporated as a city

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Throughout history, Battle Creek has been called the “Queen City,” “Health City” and “International City” - today we know it as “Cereal City.”

But before cereal made Battle Creek world-famous, the city was on its way to fame for other reasons. It was known the world over for agricultural machinery, a grain and flour center, a health and diet sanitarium, newspaper printing presses, steam pumps, and violin strings. The Kellogg brothers began the still-ongoing cereal boom, followed by Post cereals, and soon all the other Battle Creek accomplishments were dwarfed by corn flakes.

There is SO much more to Battle Creek than just cereal, like the underground Railroad, Sojourner Truth, the army training center at Camp Custer, and much more that you can find out about here. The truths, rumors, and stories that surround the infamous Battle Creek sanitarium are legendary...most having something to do with paranormal activity.

So pull up a big bowl of frosted flakes, cuddle up closer to your screen, and take a look at the gallery below, featuring many vintage photos in and around Battle Creek.

Vintage Photos of Battle Creek: 1866-1920s


A Peek Inside the Old Battle Creek Sanitarium: 1876-1940

Liberty Amusement Park, Battle Creek: 1864-1932

Vintage Cereals of The Battle Creek Food Company

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