Here's where former Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa was last seen alive: Machus Red Fox Restaurant, located at 6676 Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Hills. It was approximately 2pm on July 30, 1975, when patrons of the Red Fox recall seeing Hoffa at the restaurant and in the parking lot.

It was around that time when Hoffa arrived at the establishment to have a pre-arranged meeting with  Anthony Provenzano and Tony Giacalone. Evidently, the others had not arrived yet, so Jimmy called his wife to tell her he was stood up (It's believed he went downstairs to make the call). “I'll be home around 4” he said...and that was it. The FBI claims Hoffa left the restaurant in a Mercury Marquis sometime between 2:45 and 3pm. He was never heard from or seen again.

Tony Giacalone died in 2002 at age 82.
Anthony Provenzano died in prison, 1988.

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As for the Red Fox Restaurant, it opened in 1965 by Harris Machus. Thanks to his leadership and management, the restaurant became well-known for its excellent food.

After Hoffa disappeared that July 1975 afternoon, more rubberneckers, gawkers, and thrillseekers came here, just to drive around or sit in the parking was becoming more and more famous with each passing year. Even though the notoriety (of being the last place Hoffa was seen alive) was bringing in new customers, Machus was displeased with the media's connection of Hoffa with the mob. That didn't stop him, though, and the restaurant continued to flourish. Machus passed away in 2001 at age 92.

The restaurant has been under new management and is now called Andiamo.

The Last Place Jimmy Hoffa Was Seen Alive: The Red Fox Restaurant, Bloomfield Hills


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