Regardless of where you are from, if you have ever tried to give directions to an out-of-towner, it doesn't take long to realize how confusing it can be for them to grasp a concept that you take for granted: pointing to the destination on your hand.

Compared to all of the other states, being a Michigander makes giving directions much easier.

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Who Hasn't Done This?

There is not a person who lives in Michigan that has not pointed to the spot on their hand that best depicts the area in which they live, camp, fish, visit, etc. when talking to someone who lives out of town. Why? Because we have two hands, it doesn't get more convenient than that, and it's understood by everyone around here.

Imagine living in a state the size and shape of Texas or Alaska and trying to verbally explain the three locations you frequent the most in your travels throughout the year.  For someone who is completely unfamiliar with these states, and their numerous small towns and open areas, it would be almost impossible to understand what a local is trying to explain. But this is not the case with Michiganders.

When it comes to Michigan, or at least its Lower Peninsula, it's as easy as pointing at a map. Where is Detroit? It's just under your thumb knuckle. Where is Traverse City? It's at the tip of your pinky. Where is Lansing? It is in the dead center of your palm.

What about the U.P.?

It's not as close of a likeness as the Lower Peninsula, but many Yoopers represent the U.P. with their left hand above the right mitten. As far as I'm concerned, Michigan's Upper Peninsula falls into the same category as the other 49 states. And maybe that's why the Mackinac Bridge, the gateway to the U.P., is located at the tip of the middle finger (LOL).

Either way, having a map of your home state built onto your body is just one of the perks of living here in Michigan. There are plenty more, too, that a hand map can't quite capture the beauty of.

There are beautiful waterfront views from the tip of your pinky down to your wrist, there's great fishing starting around your upper palm up into your lower fingers, there's even some fantastic Michigan ski resorts in the upper ring finger area. But no matter what part of the hand/mitten you choose, it's all beautiful because it's all Pure Michigan.

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