Since Madonna's whirlwind rise to fame in the 1980s, the American public has seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to Madonna. Literally. No matter what you may think of her – love her, like her, tolerate her, etc. - she had the one thing that was far more important than talent: CONFIDENCE. It shows in her early videos and interviews, and it was that attitude that pushed her past the consultants, producers, and record company fat cats, making it possible to call her own shots. Now that's admirable.

Residents of Michigan know she's from our state and that she lived in a couple of our towns: born in Bay City but raised in Rochester. It was in Rochester where she grew up through most of her childhood and teenhood, and cultivated her interest in performance, music and dance. Madonna was no slouch: in high school she was a straight-A student, became a cheerleader, and upon receiving a dance scholarship, she attended the University of Michigan after graduation. She continued her dance education at the American Dance Festival in North Carolina.

The public knows about her celebrity life and just brief handfuls of her teen life. Some of that time is known, much is not. What we can offer you here is a look inside the house where Madonna spent her childhood and formative teenage years. In the gallery below you'll see her old bedroom (so small!), living room with fireplace, basement, master bedroom...and bathroom.

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Hard to fathom this worldwide celebrity grew up in this modest's not unlike any house most of us have lived in, but it's kinda fun to imagine the teenybopper stuff she and her friends did in that bedroom.

So have a look at Madonna's childhood house in Rochester...and let your imagination do the rest...

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