Michigan seems to have a symbol for everything - except food.

The State Flower is an Apple Blossom, our State Bird is the American Robin, the White Pine is our State Tree and Michigan even has a State Gem, Chlorastrolite (WTF is that?). You get my point, Michigan has symbols.

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However, Michigan does not have a State Food. Not that anyone has ever asked me what our State Food is, I just assumed it was a coney dog or a piece of fudge. Not the case. Both are good suggestions, but is the coney dog an all over the state food, or mostly in Flint and Detroit?

What do you think our State Food should be? Keep in mind this is food only, not a beverage. We do have a State Drink - the Hummer (I am going to take a deep dive into how that came to be next week). Today is all about food.

Here are my ideas in no particular order,

I know all of the above are pure Michigan foods but do they each represent the state as a whole? Am I forgetting a food that tastes like the Great Lake State?

Let me know what your suggestions are. Now that I have been thinking about all this Michigan food, I may have to prepare a complete Mitten State meal this weekend.

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