Growing up, I knew that if my dad was going to Home Depot, I should probably tag along because we'd likely get a couple of hot dogs on the way out.

Hot Dogs at Home Depot

I don't know what it was about those Home Depot hot dogs that just hit differently, but they were excellent each and every time.

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That's why it was so devastating when Home Depot decided to stop selling them at the entrances of the stores throughout Metro Detroit and Michigan at large.

Hot Dog Stands at Michigan Home Depots Close Due to Pandemic

The hot dog stands were originally closed due to the pandemic. However, Home Depot made it permanent two years ago when they officially closed all hot dog stands across Michigan.

Michiganders were devastated by this loss. So much so that a petition was created to "Bring Back Home Depot Hot Dog Stands".

It seems that now those prayers have been answered.

Hot Dog Stands to Return to Home Depots in Metro Detroit, Michigan

ClickOnDetroit WDIV reports that the hot dog stand has officially returned to the Metro Detroit area!

Apparently, Bill, The Hot Dog Guy, pestered Home Depot enough that they agreed to let him come back and sell hot dogs once again. Bill seems to be pretty excited to come out of retirement, this is what he had to say about getting to re-open, “It is like a winning lotto ticket to me, and I don’t mean money-wise, but it’s the joy and the thrill of being back".

The hot dog stand looks a little different now.

Franks Again

Instead of being located right inside the entrance/exit on a little cart area, now there is a big stand built just outside. Bill named his new hot dog stand, "Franks Again", which I absolutely love! Check it out in the video below.

If you've missed grabbing a hot dog at Home Depot and want to experience the nostalgia all over again, plan a Saturday morning trip to a Metro Detroit Home Depot. And hey, maybe they'll come back to all Michigan Home Depots soon enough.

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