Believe in aliens or don't, but there have been 39 Michigan UFO sightings reported so far in 2023.

Some of these reports can be easily explained away, but not others.

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The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) collects data about sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (or UFOs) from all around the country, and keeps a public diary of sorts available for viewing at

UFO Sightings in Michigan - January 2023

The state's first report of the year happened in Linden, Michigan on January 9. The person filing the report claimed to have seen a group of fast-traveling, glowing orbs increase in number from about 7 to around 50 or 60 before they disappeared over the eastern horizon.

About a week and a half later, a Flint couple reported seeing a pair of "extremely bright lights" hovering over a local establishment. They, along with several other motorists, reportedly pulled over in awe, watching the lights hover then rapidly dart around before shooting upwards out of sight.

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UFO Sightings in Michigan - February 2023

A dozen UFO sightings were reported in Michigan in February 2023.

Someone outside Grand Rapids reported a blinking light over the city moving in an erratic fashion before suddenly darting west the night of February 4. Neither the local police department nor airport had any explanation for the sighting.

On February 11, a person in Jackson reported watching a blue light over town for more than an hour. (Picture in the gallery at the end of this article.)

The following evening, a Canton resident reported seeing a string of 26 lights fly overhead. NUFORC thinks this was likely Starlink.

Photo via
Orange fireball reported to have been spotted over Farmington Hills, Michigan, on February 13, 2023. Photo via

An orange fireball moving in a corkscrew fashion for about half an hour was reported by family members in Farmington Hills and Mikado, Michigan on February 13. (More pictures below.)

On Valentine's night, someone in Leroy reported multiple orange-white to red orbs engaging in what they described as a "dog fight" overhead, seemingly shooting at each other. According to the report at, "there were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object."

A U.S. Air Force veteran in Fowlerville reported a fast-flying, bluish semicircle around dusk the night of February 19.

This report came from a pilot at Oakland County International Airport on February 19 who says he's been there for years and knows what normal airport activity looks like:

At approximately 21:00 I was on the ground and saw west of the airport white and green lights spinning and plummeting out of the sky incredibly fast. At First thinking it was a plane crashing I pointed out to the lineman next to me. After seeing it for slightly longer it was far too brightly lit, large, and moving much too fast to be any standard plane. It appeared to be plummeting to the ground and disappeared over the horizon line. ATC at the airport tower did not see it with there only being a skeleton crew left at the time. Only one plane was in the air near the airport and traveling in the opposite direction as the lights. I have been flying out of that airport for years and seen thousands of different planes and helicopters come in and out. I fly myself and have a comprehensive knowledge of aviation. That thing looked like nothing I have ever seen and I’m so baffled as to what it could be.

A daytime UFO sighting was reported in the skies over Three Oaks on February 21 by two people who witnessed the phenomenon from inside their car. (Pictures below.)

Someone in Roseville reported a "spinning, pyramid shaped, nearly invisible object that pulsed blue light across entire block" on February 22. This person reported chasing the object in an effort to get it to take them with it. A similar experience (except for the chasing the object in an effort to get it to take them with it part) was reported less than three hours later in Macomb.

On February 26 in Rockwood, somebody reported seeing two lights in stack formation, remaining motionless for more than 2 hours. The NUFORC evaluated a submitted photo and said that it was "consistent with Venus and Jupiter's position that night".

UFO Sightings in Michigan - March 2023

Photo via
Not a UFO, but Jupiter and Venus as seen from Coldwater, Michigan, on March 1, 2023. Photo via

Several reports of UFO sightings poured into the NUFORC on the evening of March 1 - from Shelby Township, Holland, Coldwater, Kalamazoo, Chesterfield, and other places. Experts determined that all of these purported UFO sightings were actually the planets Jupiter and Venus. (You can view several more of these pictures in the gallery below.)

On March 3, someone in St. Johns reported a bright orange orb against a cloudy sky, not identifiable as a helicopter, but without proper lighting to be local aircraft.

Another person reported seeing very dim lights in the shape of a triangle move across the sky over Highland on March 5.

A shape-shifting bright silver metallic object was reported over Farmington Hills during the day on March 7 before it was said to have disappeared into a clear sky.

A couple people in Albion reported seeing an "H-shaped craft moving slow almost stationary" on March 19, with the appearance of two short vapor trails at the bottoms of the H.

On March 23, two family members say they (and their dogs) witnessed a dark triangle-shaped object hovering over their yard in Woodland for a couple minutes before it disappeared. That same night, a motorist on I-69 near Bancroft reported seeing a bright light fall from the sky at a supersonic speed.

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UFO Sightings in Michigan - April 2023

On April 9, someone in Roseville reported a round glowing orb high in the sky, occasionally emitting what looked like sparks, and moving erratically in all directions for roughly 45 minutes.

The following night, a silent triangular object reportedly traveled in a circle over Howell. The person reporting the event noted that animals in the woods started running around while the object was overhead, then went silent after it left.

Someone in Hersey reported seeing a cube-shaped object overhead on the night of April 13:

There were white blinking lights surrounding the cube with green and red blinking lights inside. reminded me of inside the cockpit of a jumbo jet. First 30 seconds was slow to ascend and silent. Than the sound of a big jet airplane, close to the ground and rapidly ascended. Whole sighting lasted 60 to 90 seconds.

On April 14, an Interlochen woman reported seeing five "small triangle or V shaped aircrafts making a short passing over just barely above the treetops". She stated that the only way they could be seen was by the aura of light surrounding them.

Someone in New Boston reported seeing a "small white bird-shaped object" overhead on April 26, which circled tightly overhead before flying west faster than possible for a bird.

A Lansing resident was taking a picture of jet contrails in the sky that had formed an "X" on April 27 when they say they realized other objects in view. (More pictures in gallery below.)

Photo via
Reported UFO sighting over Lansing, Michigan, on April 27, 2023. Photo via

Someone spotted a flat black, round orb flying under the clouds in West Bloomfield on April 30.

UFO Sightings in Michigan - May 2023

A shape-shifting object was reported in the sky over Ann Arbor on May 4. (Picture included in the gallery below.)

Someone in Livonia reported seeing several "small craft with one large red light in center, traveling in pairs 30-40 miles per hour; evenly spaced apart about 20-30 feet" on May 9.

A Mecosta resident reported that their dog alerted them to activity outside on May 11. The person says they went outside and saw "something which appeared to have lights in a diamond shape. The object seemed to collapse and become round." It was said to be red for the most part, sometimes changing to yellow before disappearing after about 5 minutes.

A motorist in Fenton spotted a shiny metal object flying low on May 15, and took a series of pictures. (More in the gallery below.)

Photo via
Mysterious object over Fenton, Michigan, on May Photo via

Later that evening in Lawton, a dark triangular-shaped object with three lights at each corner was reported to have been spotted in the sky, moving slowly before disappearing and then seeming to re-appear to the east in a slightly different formation.

Reported UFO Sightings Over Michigan in 2023

More than three dozen UFO reports have been filed in Michigan in 2023, any many of them have purported photographic evidence. While some of these are easily explained away, not all of them are.