Despite living in an area of the U.S. where you don't have to drive far to see a cornfield, I know nothing about planting crops.

Even my small high school was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by two cornfields and a soybean field. That's where my farming knowledge starts and ends.

Thankfully, there are a whole bunch of TikTok-savvy farmers who are sharing stunning footage of their spring planting to show the rest of us what is happening in the fields. Seriously, some of these look like they are straight out of a movie.

Planting At Dusk In Texas

Planting means working extra long hours for some farmers. To show this, a Texas farm shared a video showing what it looks like to be planting at dusk and well into the night.

It Takes An Entire Crew In Tennessee

While some farms are family operations that rely on one or two people working in the fields, others deploy entire fleets of machinery and vehicles when it is time to plant for the year.

Rose Farms in Ethridge, Tennessee showed what it looks like when their entire crew rolls out to head to the fields.

It's Nice to Have a Buddy In The Cab

Farming is just for people, you say? This very good farm dog would like to have a word with you.

It's Nice To Have A Buddy In The Cab (Part 2)

Wait, is that a duck?

Just Showing Off In Kansas

Spring 2024 planting means heading to the fields, but it also means showing off new farm equipment. Some of the machinery was bought months ago in anticipation of those moment.

'Wish I Could Be A Farmer'

A farmer in Ohio is making people jealous due to a recent TikTok video showing sweeping images of spring planting.

"Man, I wish I could be a farmer," TikToker @mattythegoalie commented on the video. "I've met a few farmers and everyone was so nice."

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