Walt Disney World may be the "Most Magical Place on Earth," but that doesn't mean bad things don't occasionally happen on property, from people getting injured on rides to guests getting into violent altercations.

Another occasional issue at Disney World and any theme park, really is theft.

A Disney World guest was recently devastated when some of their precious and hard-to-replace belongings were stolen from their car while they were enjoying a day at Hollywood Studios theme park.

When the guest returned to their car, they found that a bunch of their Annual Passholder-exclusive car magnets, which are only made available to Disney guests who have annual passes, had been removed from their vehicle.

The guest shared their frustrating story on Reddit.

"I had six more other than this and they were just grabbed right off the Hollywood Studios parking lot. I mean, at least they left my favorite ones, strangely. I am gonna miss that Figment and the newest Hei Hei [magnet]! Just a warning for all y’all Passholders," the disgruntled Disney Parks guest wrote.

See the remaining Annual Passholder magnets on their vehicle, below:

attachment-Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 11-14-43 Passholder magnet thieves! r_DisneyWorld

In the comments section, some other Disney Parks fans shared similar experiences.

"We had one of ours stolen at Magic Kingdom parking lot. We never have put another one on the car again," one user wrote.

"I got mine taken too at the cast housing. Not taken but RIPPED OFF MY CAR. They were so worn and dirty and melted into my car," another shared.

Others agreed how common it is for people to have magnets and stickers stolen from their vehicles while parked at Disney World.

"Unfortunately it’s pretty well known that people suck and steal these," one person commented.

"Disney is the last place you should put the Disney magnet on your car. It will get taken instantly," another weighed in.

"We we’re just at Disney and I saw a beautiful array of Annual Passholder magnets on a car and all I thought was, 'How brave!'" someone else shared.

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But it's not just the exclusive Annual Passholder magnets parking lot thieves are swiping at Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

"Yeah, f---ers took my 'My other ride is a monorail' magnet the other day at Epcot. I was so pissed," someone shared.

Meanwhile, other users offered some advice and solutions to the reoccurring issue.

"I used to put magnets on my car, but they kept getting stolen so now I use my fridge. It sucks you can’t even put something so worthless as a magnet on your car without something happening," one person commented.

"Refrigerators are a Disney Passholder magnet’s best friend. Sorry some jerk took yours," another wrote.

"Just so you know, you can get them on eBay to replace them. I’m sorry this happened. If someone stole Orange Bird, I would organize a mob!" someone else advised.

On eBay, the Hei Hei 2024 Annual Passholder magnet is currently selling for upwards of $28.99.

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