If you were thinking of adding a kitten, or other fur baby, to your family, now's the time. The Capital Area Humane Society is getting more and more kittens turned in every day. When you adopt a kitty, it will have been spayed or neutered and have a micro chip. Today's little kitten that we had in the studio had the biggest personality I have ever seen in a cat. He was hysterical, and a huger, which is so sweet in a kitty.

Harris, Townsquare

Because they have so many kitties, the Humane Society is doing a BOGO with kittens. Hopefully you will find the perfect addition (or two) to your family.

With kitten season in full swing, the Humane Society is doing everything they can to keep the kittens safe and find them good homes. Sometimes, these kittens have been saved from horrible circumstances.

Just recently, a kitten in Lansing was saved by the Humane Society after a horrible act of violence. Some idiot used zip ties on this kitten; its front paws and back paws were zip tied together and the kitten was just left. The little guy was found near the Webster Farms subdivision on Pleasant Grove. The reward to find out what creep did this is at $500 dollars and growing. You can read more about that story on WILX.

Many people were very unhappy that the Humane Society took video of the cat instead of immediately taking off the zip ties. Stop sending them horrible texts...they need that video so they will hopefully be able to prosecute the person who did this. The short video will be used as evidence. The good news from all of this is that the little boy kitty is doing well thanks to a wonderful staff and many prayers.

If you have room in your heart and home for a new member, please stop by the Capital Area Humane Society. Remember, adopt don't shop!

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