Last week, we had the most precious dog come in and visit us in the studio.

My friend Melanie went on our website and saw a picture of Karra. She then texted me, saying "oh my god, that's the dog. That's the one." She knew that she wanted to adopt her, so I went with her to the Capital Area Humane Society for introductions.

Adopting an animal is a huge step, so once we were there, she started to get nervous. I told her that it's a big responsibility, and we talked through a list of pros and cons. You need to be 100% certain before you take a pet home, which led to us wandering around for about an hour as she wavered on whether or not she was ready to take Karra home.

Finally, it all changed when a young couple came in and started petting Kara. Melanie turned to me and said, "oh my goodness, they're going to adopt my dog." That was the turning point and she knew that Karra was meant to be a member of her family.

We then went through the adoption process to make sure that they were a good fit. Once that was over, I officially became an aunt/co-parent (we haven't decided which), and Karra was renamed to Daisy.

Later, after Melanie had adopted Daisy and brought her home, I told her that she had completely changed this dog's life within 8 hours. Daisy went from being stuck in a small cage with other dogs barking constantly to a loving home. You can see the transformation at the end of the post.

There are so many pets in shelters that need homes. I always say you should adopt, not shop. If you are looking to add a furry member to your family, you can see all of the adoptable animals at the Capital Area Humane Society here.




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