UPDATE: The Detroit Free Press reports that they have received confirmation from multiple sources that the Big 10 will play football this fall. Sources say that the games will begin the weekend of October 24, and the season will comprise of eight games plus the Big 10 championship game (which will be played December 14.)

ORIGINAL STORY (9/14/20): Several sports reports including ESPN reported over the weekend that we may soon know if the Big 10 would reconsider playing football this Fall. That story said we'd know within 72 hours and that was on Saturday. So we may have the answer today or tomorrow according to those weekend reports.

Is the Big 10 jealous seeing the other conferences playing? You betcha! Even Big 10 rival Notre Dame is playing. So why not the Big 10?

Michigan State v Michigan
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Social distancing was on display at college football games played on Saturday. Notre Dame students and parents of the players were in attendance and wore masks and did a great job on social distancing in the rain.

The next game that I watched was from Tallahassee with Florida State hosting Georgia Tech and students were lined up in the end zones like a normal game, no masks, no social distancing. The state of Florida had an uptick of cases last week after Labor Day.

So what will it take? The presidents of the fourteen Big 10 Schools will have to get together and vote on whether to play now or wait until spring. If they vote "yes" then they have to work on the schedule, not just with the schools, but with TV, too. The Big 10 Network will be ready, but others like ESPN, ABC and CBS will have to accommodate the Big 10, and they will.

Notre Dame v Michigan
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Remember if we get a "yes" vote it will be Big 10 conference play only. So we may get to see the Michigan State Spartans travel to the Big House with the Michigan Wolverines after all for a showdown. And of course we want to see Michigan vs. Ohio State, too!

Ohio State v Nebraska
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BUT, there's one other little wrinkle in the works. This morning on Dan Patrick's show, he speculated that even if the Big 10 returns, we may not see U of M, Michigan State,or Maryland taking the field.

Why? Well, it comes down to leadership at the universities. The president of the University of Michigan, Mike Schlissel is an epidemiologist. The president of Michigan State, Samuel Staley, has longed worked in the field of infectious diseases.

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