Friends is coming back to HBO Max, and because of that, I'm making my own Friends cast using Mid-Michigan towns. First, I'm fairly familiar with most of the Mid-Michigan towns but don't hate me if I don't use your town. Also, there are only 6 characters in Friends, so that narrows down the towns and cities I can use.

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    Okemos = Rachel

    Rachel is the snobby girl when the show starts and then becomes independent but still latches on to Ross when it is all said and done. My pick for Rachel then is Okemos, because it can be snobby at times but it also likes to be different then its neighbor East Lansing.

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    Ross = Holt

    Ross is tough because he is a career guy, kinda nerdy and a father who some "Friends" fans love to hate. I can see Ross being Holt. Ross would end up in Holt later in life because of its small town feel and also because he has referenced in the show moving away from the city for a smaller town with good schools. Just like Ross, Holt can sometimes be misunderstood and not everyone understands what's so great about them.

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    Chandler = Lansing

    Chandler is my favorite character in the show, as he is the funny guy, also awkward, and afraid of commitment. I'm going to say that Chandler is Lansing. Lansing fits Chandler to me because Chandler would have a great time living in the city and there are a few different areas of the city, so he wouldn't have to commit to living in one place. Just like Chandler, Lansing doesn't take itself too seriously. And being the capitol, Lansing is important to Michigan just like Chandler is a really important character on the show.

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    Monica = Dewitt

    Monica, who ends up with Chandler, is a career woman, high strung, and a neat freak. Dewitt seems to be a perfect match for Monica. It's the town where everyone tries to do everything right and tries not to get in trouble or ruffle feathers. Monica definitely fits that bill and probably could have fun living in Dewitt.

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    Joey = East Lansing

    Joey is everyone's best friend and the guy that you want to party with. The only place I could compare Joey to is East Lansing due to all of the parties and the atmosphere. Plus, he could use his line "How You Doin'" a lot at all of the bars.

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    Phoebe = Charlotte

    Phoebe was another fan favorite for her weirdness, friendliness, and overall being a great friend. I figured I'd give Phoebe Charlotte because it is kind of quirky and I can see Phoebe living in and loving Charlotte later in life.