Today, Friday, March 3rd marks the second official day this year that we've seen the Mackinac Bridge closed.

But, this isn't a normal occurrence for us to see here in Michigan. So that begs the question, how many times have we seen the bridge closed in the past?

You're not a true Michigander either if you don't make one trip of the bridge either in your life.

Weather Causes Mackinac Bridge Closures

The recent two-day closure on the bridge is actually all weather-related. With temperatures cooling and warming, it's been causing some ice to form and freeze on the bridge.

How Many Times Approximately Has The Bridge Actually Closed?

It's not often that we see the bridge shut down for commuters.

A question was proposed to the MBA (Mackinac Bridge Authority) and was asked how many times their records have shown the bridge officially closing. But for now, we found that they've shut the bridge
down roughly 21 times

The Best Photo of the Mackinac Bridge You've Never Seen

A Facebook page posted a photo of the Mackinac Bridge, but forgot to add the photo to the post. The helpful internet fans were quick to comment.

Mackinac-opoly Is Totally A Thing

Fan of board games? How about Michigan board games? Check out Mackinac-opoly, the board game based of Mackinac, Michigan.

Lover's Leap, Mackinac Island

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