Next time that you head up north, you may not see the old familiar name of a famous boating company.

Starline Ferry Announces Brand New Name For Their High-Speed Hydro-Jet Fleet

If you've ever had to make the decision to go over to Mackinac Island before, then you've had to make the decision to cross the waters over to the island on one of only a select fleet of ships.

The Star Line Ferry, just recently re-branded their name and announced it to the public. The new, Mackinac Island Ferry Company is probably a choice of yours to make your way over to the island.

Don't Expect A Quick Name Change Of The Company

This is more of a soft release of the brand new name. You can still expect to see the good old Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry Company logo around until at least the end of  2023, but still expect to see their newly branded name around.

The CEO, Jerry Fetty made a public comment, saying they will still be committed to the same great service as always:

“The new name is easily recognizable to our customers and, while our name will change, we continue to be committed to providing the same great service, enjoyable rides and on time arrivals and departures that our guests have become accustomed to,”

The boats won't have a new logo for the company just yet, you can expect those all to be done by the end of next summer. This year, you may see the new logo on the docks. Send us your pictures of your trips over to the island from the ferries in the area.

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