It's time to vote for the Hottest Star of 2014! While so many of our favorite pop acts have had stellar years this year, only one male act and one female act can ultimately be crowned the Hottest Stars of 2014. (Editor's Note: We count bands as a single act.)

Here's how the competition works: We've chosen 16 candidates for Hottest Star of 2014 -- 8 male artists and 8 female artists -- and matched them up in groups of two for a total of eight one-on-one battles in Round 1. The winner of each individual match will move on to Round 2, where he or she will face a different competitor in that semi-final round. In the final round, only two male artists and two female artists will be left to battle it out, and the winners of each battle will be crowned the Hottest Male and Female Star of 2014.

So, who are the competitors? For the guys, we have Justin Bieber, One Direction, Cody Simpson, James Maslow, 5 Seconds of Summer, the Vamps, Jason Derulo and Macklemore.

What are you waiting for? Let's get to voting!

Plus, while you're voting, listen to our Beats Music playlist of some of the best songs from the Hottest Star of 2014 contenders!

Vote for the Male Hottest Star of 2014


Vote for the Female Hottest Star of 2014


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