Last minute camping. Surprise camping. Camping on the fly.

How easy is it to do any of the above? Especially if you have kids. And a dog. And you want to go anywhere decent.

And with the amount of folks who are trying their best to social distance lately, there are way more Michiganders headed up north to get away from everyone and it all every weekend.

But you gotta plan right? Gas up the car or the RV (if you have one). Pack. Get supplies. Get mosquito dope. You going fishing? Got your license? Bait. Tackle.

If you're not careful and thought this out, going will be a logistical nightmare. And all the stuff we mentioned is just before you leave.

What about where you're going? How crowded is it when you get there. Did you reserve a spot?

I actually feel a panic attack talking about all this. A car full of kids and supplies with the impending feeling you forgot SOMETHING (was it the dog) compiled by the question of when you get to wherever you're going, will there be a spot for you?

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Relax my friend. And how about some help from the folks who are specialists at this.

How would you like a heads up about places to camp midweek? They'll even send you email alerts and more when you subscribe to their newsletter.

Say hello to you Michigan DNR.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources this week launched a new online map, updated and shared each weekend via newsletter and social media, to let would-be campers see upcoming midweek campsite availability at state campgrounds.

Turek said the campsite availability map will be posted each weekend for the upcoming week on the DNR’s Facebook page, as well as being sent out to DNR newsletter subscribers. (MLive)

Got more camping and lodging questions for Michigan's DNR? Head here.

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