Alright look, we need to get to the bottom of this because I pass it every single day and I'm concerned.

Now I grew up in the country and went to school between two cornfields. I'm familiar with all kinds of unpleasant smells from gross algae, dead fish and especially manure. However this smell is, as Mr. Krabs once said, "a smelly smell that smells...smelly."

Every morning, I leave from Jackson to come to Lansing and at about 5:20-something I get to a spot with a lot of open fields between Leslie and Mason and that's when the stench hits.

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

It's a stench I can really only describe as "raw sewage."

Now, normally I wouldn't be concerned but what is particularly weird about this is that it is only in that one spot and as soon as I get about a mile up the road, it's gone. Also, seems how I pass through that exact area twice a day, I notice it is only in the morning.

Also, before the smell was very sewage-y, it used to smell like motor oil or burned rubber and I would get concerned for my car until I realized it was that same spot every day.

Like I said, I know the smell of manure and can definitely distinguish it from other bad smells but this smell is just horrendous.

Does anyone know what is going on there? Can anyone explain why in just that one spot it smells so bad?

I have tried to look into if there was a potential environmental mishap or something terrible that happened in that area but I can't find anything!

So if you or someone you know works at or lives in that little patch of 127-North between Leslie and Mason and has any answers for me PLEASE let me know because it is actually the most unpleasant, gag-worthy part of my drive every day.

This is, of course, not intended to mean any offense to anyone in that area...just a gal who is genuinely curious why that smell and why only there?

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