It's tough to go anywhere in Michigan without encountering, in some form or another, HGTV. The network is so commonplace people I know have it on as background noise in their homes. Sometimes it feels as though it can't be escaped, it's even on in the lobby of my doctor's office.

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So it comes as no surprise the network is looking to feature a family in Michigan. HGTV is currently casting a new renovation series, according to their website.

How You and Your Family Can Audition for HGTV's Michigan-Based Renovation Series

HGTV MICHIGAN CASTING: Are You and Your Family Reality Stars?

Here's what HGTV is looking for:

Now Casting in Michigan for New HGTV Renovation Series

Are you in search of the perfect fixer-upper for your new dream home? If so, and you live in Michigan, HGTV would like to hear from you.


Have you had a frustrating time looking for your new home in Michigan? We are casting energetic individuals and families who have had a rough go in the search for a home that has everything they want, so now they’re considering a fixer-upper.


If this sounds like you and you're willing to put in a little leg work, you could be Michigan's next big reality star!

HGTV MICHIGAN CASTING: Are You and Your Family Reality Stars?

It looks like a fairly easy process. Just 4 steps according to their website:

  • Photos or listing link of the house you’re considering fixing up
  • A family photo
  • Describe your original wishlist
  • Describe what you will need to renovate in this home to achieve your original goals

Once you've completed the above, organize them as an attachment and email them to There's no deadline listed but, it's always best to assume it could disappear soon, so don't wait. Good luck and happy house hunting!

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