The State Capitol Building in Lansing is haunted.

At least, that's what quite a handful of people will swear to.

The State Capitol was built between 1872-1878 and ever since, strange paranormal activity has been reported. It's a fact that there are many historic artifacts stored within, many of them Civil War artifacts, like battle flags and other items - items that some may feel are responsible for some of the spooky if these artifacts somehow absorbed spirits of those who fell in battle. However, I'm somewhat skeptical of that rumor.

The most-often paranormal occurrences center around four separate instances:

1) In the 1880's, a male teen working as a pageboy was showing off and attempted to leap between the railings of the Grand Staircase floor...needless to say, he missed his mark and fell two stories to his death.

2) An elevator maintenance man was electrocuted to death due to some kind of unknown negligence.

3) In the early 1990's, a man who was painting in the rotunda fell over the railing to his death when his boom lift broke. His ghost has been seen wandering around through the rotunda area, still wearing his painter's pants.

4) A roofer wasn't watching his step and fell to his death.

The spirits of the above four misfortunates have all been seen separately, but never together. The usual noises, cold spots and things moving on their own have occurred as well; mostly believed to be caused by other unknown spirits, possibly those that are said to be contained in the Civil War artifacts.

Take a tour sometime and ask your guide about any Capitol hauntings. He or she may relate some tales.....or may decide to stay mum out of fear of retribution.

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