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Does anyone have any info about the Jackson District Library supposedly having paranormal activity?

The building itself is a grand structure, built and opened in 1906 after a $70,000 grant by Andrew Carnegie in 1901. It became Jackson's main library branch in 1978 and was designated a Michigan historical site in 1979...and becoming a national historic site in 1980.

However, I hear that some Michigan paranormal researchers - ParaHaunt - investigated the library in 2007 and came away with some certainty that a ghost was lingering in the building.

They reported feeling the presence of a little girl - possibly six or seven years old - who gave the researchers the impression she had been killed in an automobile accident on West Michigan Avenue. Why she hangs out in the library is unknown, unless she had frequented the place while she was still alive.

The paranormal Investigators could sense the presence of the little ghost especially in the aisle where the cooking & food books were displayed; when they walked through the aisle, they all agreed there was a definite aroma that resembled freshly baked cookies.

This information is sketchy at, does anybody else have any details or info on this? Let us all know!

The Jackson District Library is located at 244 W. Michigan Avenue, Jackson.