Owosso is one of my favorite Michigan towns and is one of the state’s friendliest. So to all my Owosso acquaintances, please read the following tales with tongue-in-cheek, an open mind, or a grain of salt. These are ghost tales that I have picked up from various sources.


1) Baker College. A legend says a young woman hung herself on school grounds and her spirit is responsible for hauntings within the walls. Read more about this by CLICKING HERE. It also tells about paranormal occurrences in Hoddy Hall and Kurtz Hall.

2) Curwood Castle. A structure this awesome has to have something spooky, right? It’s said that the castle contains three different ghosts that have been seen inside, at windows, outside around the castle and at the footbridge.

3) Dedics Bar. The bathroom doors open and slam shut on their own, mainly the one to the ladies’ restroom, which also carries an odd cold spot. Clanks, thuds, footsteps, and more bizarre sounds emanate from the cellar and furniture – mainly chairs and tables – move around, seemingly on their own, late at night.

4) Oakwood Avenue Bridge. Many Owossoans have not heard this tale but I’ve heard it before: the spirits of a teenage couple are said to haunt the bridge to this day. Both were about 18 years old when they jumped off the bridge and committed suicide in 1900. Now, the bridge doesn’t seem high enough for someone to die from jumping off of it, which is the main reason why many folks find this tale unbelievable.

5) Rosevear Woods. During summer and fall, some folks say ghosts make their presence known within the woods. Moaning, disembodied voices, and footsteps with no visible source. Now, that part may seem somewhat plausible, but I find these next ones difficult to believe: creatures, monsters, sacrifices and witchcraft are seen inside the woods. One rumor even claims that ghosts are seen standing at the end of Glenwood Avenue.

One legendary hotspot is the southwest corner of Washington and Main Streets. On that corner once stood the Ament Hotel, built in 1844. It was re-named the National House Hotel in 1900, torn down in 1929, and the new, safer Owosso Hotel constructed in its place. Later owners called it the Presidential Arms and Owosso Inn; it finally closed down for good in 1996 and was demolished in 2005. While the building still stood, there were local urban legends about ghosts within the building. Anyone who has tales about these places are welcome to mention them.

Other rumored haunted spots in Owosso include places on Baldwin Street, Dimmick Street, Exchange Street, N. Gould Street, and S. Oak Street.

So, there you have ‘em. Some ghostly rumors of Owosso. I expect there may be other local ghost stories that haven’t been brought to my attention, so please relate them.

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