Located on Gute Hill in Owosso, Baker College is said to have haunted dorms, according to students who have lived there...if you are a former student, have you experienced or heard of any occurrences?

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The legend says a young woman hung herself on school grounds and her spirit is responsible for the eerie happenings: making noises, cold spots, shadows and the feeling of being watched.

Hoddy Hall
This has quite a history: the grounds once was home to the Owosso Sanitarium where mental patients were treated with a "magnetic mineral spring and water cure" that was loaded with lime as it's main ingredient. Underneath the sanitarium, caverns were built in 1855 as a brewery and later was used for giving the patients mineral baths. The whole thing was built over what was once a Native American burial ground. Access to the underground caverns has been forbidden but for those who have actually ventured down there, they say they've had their own creepy experiences. The place was once bid on by a cult to be used for their own personal purposes, but that was shot down.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Kurtz Hall
One co-ed related an incident that happened in a particular room (I'm withholding the room number) as she was getting ready for bed; she saw her roommate - she thought - in another corner of the room just standing there until she realized the roommate was already in bed. The dark figure in the corner just stood erect, watching every move the girl made.

Other tales at Kurtz Hall include ethereal giggling outside windows and coming from nowhere and human shapes & shadows have been reported peering through doorways at students and disappearing into the dark.

Another incident - like something out of a "Nightmare On Elm Street" movie - a young lady came running out of her room in hysterics, screaming that something unseen had held her down on the bed and left gouges on her back, similar to the ones Freddy Krueger inflicted on his victims. Others claim they've received strange cuts and slices as well.

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These tales are from what others say they experienced and I'm only relating what they have said. If anyone else has experienced something of this nature, or know of someone who did, please feel free to post and let us know!


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