Here's an EASY "haunted" place you can check out: this historic footbridge in Owosso.

Owosso's Oakwood Avenue Bridge, formerly known as the "Pink Bridge," is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two lovers who committed suicide. While some townsfolk believe this to be true, others scoff at such a nonsensical thought.

The bridge was built in the late 1800's and around 1900, two 18-year-old lovers decided to end their lives by jumping off the bridge...and nowadays their spirits are said to roam the area and haunt the bridge. People claim to have seen these two shapes standing on the bridge while others have heard screams as the two apparitions re-live their suicide. Some mortals say they feel blasts of frigid air as they walk over the bridge. My question is: why did these two kids kill themselves? Why were they so distraught to commit such a deed?

Originally built for vehicles, the structure is now used as a footbridge; there are those who admit they've always felt uncomfortable crossing it... nowadays and back when it was used for motorized traffic.

The bridge is mentioned on a handful of haunted websites with not much detail to go by, aside from the occasional sightings by pedestrians and the oft-told legend of the two teenage lovers' suicide pact. So if there's more to be told, feel free to relate your experiences here....and feel free to take your own after-Midnight stroll across this bridge.

Nevertheless, it's been repainted, replacing the old pink-salmon color with a deep navy blue and is a wonderful, historic bridge; it's the oldest of only three Whipple Truss bridges in the state, built by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Ohio.
It's located on Oakwood Avenue, crossing the Shiawassee River, southeast of downtown Owosso.

Again, if there is anyone who has more details of the legend, or your own strange experiences on the bridge, please let us know!


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