Not far from the Detroit River in Wayne County is Dawnshire Park, in the suburb of Brownstown. On first glance, the park seems to be friendly enough, with neighborhoods surrounding the wooded area providing a place where the local kids can play.

But the legend about what occurred behind the park in the thick forest along Marsh Creek leaves some people apprehensive about going into the woods.

The legend relates a tale about a man who would occasionally be seen in the woods, walking aimlessly, carrying an axe. A little odd, but it got stranger when people began realizing this man wasn’t mortal at all…..

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Whenever neighborhood kids wandered into the woods, they would see this figure of a man with his axe. While looking straight at him, his face would disappear followed by the rest of him.

These sightings would happen at any time, day or night. But now, the man only appears  in a different way. On nights of a full moon, if you're walking in the woods along Marsh Creek where the moon shines on you, turn your head and look down. You may see your shadow accompanied by another – the shadow of a man with an axe walking alongside.

To this day, no one has an explanation why this happens. Questions about an old man who perished in the woods go unanswered. Were the woods once his home? Is he buried somewhere out there? There's nobody to tell us.

Dawnshire Park is located just off Dawnshire Drive off Sibley Road. If you visit, remember, there are many residents, so be courteous, don’t vandalize, don’t be obnoxious or noisy, and treat any ‘no trespassing’ or ‘private property’ signs with respect.

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