This old abandoned farmhouse in Gaylord has quite a tale attached to it.

Back in 2013 the structure was being used as a 'haunted house' attraction, probably based on the legend that was attached to it.

The backstory alleges to be a true one, as the following information is said to have been reported in newspapers of the time. It takes place in the 1800s when a homeless drifter came upon the farmhouse. He approached the owner, stated he was looking for work, and was invited inside.

The drifter went on a murder spree, killing everyone in the house: the parents and their five children. He took the youngest daughter outside and hung her in the shed.

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Since then, paranormal investigators have experienced whispering from out of the air, footsteps, getting scratch marks, and the usual cold spots, with most of the activity occurring in the cellar.

All this led to the enterprise of turning this murder house into an actual 'haunted house' attraction for Halloween.

Now, in order to promote the old farmhouse as an entertainment venue, a new story was concocted. According to their Facebook page, “In the late 1800’s.....there was one man in particular who was in his late forties and had never wed.....The next holler down from (his) farm was a beautiful young woman just about of age to be married. (He) decided after seeing her one day that she was to be HIS bride.....(she) was not interested in this old man.....Finally (he paid) her father for her hand. (She) was devastated and hung herself on their wedding day. (Later, he) dug up her body so they could start their life together. He believed that he and his new bride should have a child. He was constantly buying dolls and even made a nursery in the house. He and Rosemary’s corpse would sit in the nursery and he would read and sing to the dolls”.

That's their story in a nutshell, although this version is fiction. The attraction only ran for one year before they moved to a safer location in town.

The photos below show the old farmhouse, inside and out.
It is not recommended to visit. If you do, seek permission.


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