The historic Fallasburg Covered Bridge is located just west of Ionia and north of Lowell in the quaint village of Fallasburg. It received a Michigan Historical Marker in 1971 that reads:

"John W. and Silas S. Fallas settled here in 1837, founded a village which soon boasted a chair factory, sawmill, and gristmill. About 1840 the first of several wooden bridges was placed across the Flat River, but all succumbed in a short time to high water and massive spring ice jams. Bridge builder Jared N. Bresee of Ada was given a contract in 1871 to build the present structure. Constructed at a cost of $1500, the bridge has lattice work trusses made of white pine timbers. As in all covered bridges, the roof and siding serve to protect the bridge timbers from rot. Repairs in 1905 and 1945 have kept the bridge safe for traffic for one hundred years."

Over the last 182 years, the urban legend about the bridge grew. There have been different versions of a bridge haunting, but the crux of the rumors say a witch was hung either by or on the bridge soon after it was constructed. This 'witch' is believed to still linger around the bridge: people who picnic or cross over the bridge have seen floating - and walking - apparitions. A voice has been heard inside the bridge, but upon peering inside, nobody is there.Stories of murders, screams, and spirits that move your vehicles have been spread throughout the years as well. The nearby White's Bridge - just north of Fallasburg - was also haunted, but an unknown arsonist burned it down in 2013.Hauntings in Fallasburg are nothing fact, paranormal investigators have explored the hauntings in Fallasburg's Pioneer Village and the town has it's share of Halloween fun every October, capitalizing on the haunted legends.

Rumors and legends are many times based in fact. There must be some basis to the legends about Fallasburg, right? Visit and find out for yourself...

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