There is a house in Greenville that was built in the 1920's and used to be inhabited by a family with two children. The legend says the two children went out into the woods to play but never returned, getting lost and never finding their way back.

Along comes the 1970's and a different family was now living in the house. The young son of this family was walking up the stairs one night when he saw a strange little boy - around six years old - wearing an odd hat and peering at him from behind a partition. According to, the strange boy "backed farther behind it to remove himself from view. The (other boy) moved higher on the stairs to get a better look and the ghostly little figure crept behind the living room sofa and disappeared from view. (As the sightings continued) the little boy appeared again behind the sofa, playing checkers with a little girl ghost who seemed a year or two younger.....both children appeared well-dressed, but in rather out-of-style clothing."

The boy who witnessed these ghostly children is now around 40 years old and says to have seen these children many other times while his family lived in that house.

I do not know where this house in Greenville is; the man who related this story was the little boy who witnessed the ghosts and did not reveal the location. Anyone who has the time and interest is more than welcome to travel to Greenville and ask locals about this haunting. Someone may talk about it, and maybe not. Let me know if you find anything.

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