they're creepy & they're kooky, mysterious & spooky...but not ALL of 'em.

The Great Lakes National Cemetery is one graveyard that is beautiful, reverent and a pleasant place to visit. Located in Holly Township in Oakland County, it's the second national cemetery that was built in Michigan.

It's set on former farmland, once owned by Terrance Fagan as far back as 1836. In the 1920's, it became a getaway place for Henry & Edsel Ford, who enjoyed spending time there hunting and fishing. After changing ownership a few times, the land was eventually taken over by the National Cemetery Administration in 2002 and established in 2005...the first burial occurred on October 17, 2005.

It's not a creepy place...it's an incredible place that honors U.S. veterans and when you visit, you'll be impressed with all the grounds have to offer. Check the photo gallery above for a sneak peek of what you'll see.

It's located at 4200 Belford Rd, Holly, Michigan. Whether you have a veteran in your family or not, you'll be impressed....and you'll take plenty of photos & video as well.

I can almost guarantee it.