The Grand Theatre in Grand Haven is said to have some paranormal activity inside.

The theatre opened in 1928 - and after changing ownership,a few times, it closed for good in 1999. In 2005, the auditorium was demolished but the front, the marquee and the lobby were spared. Nowadays you can stop there for a bite or drink at the Theater Bar.

Even though the auditorium is gone, there is still something else lingering: the spirit of the old janitor who used to maintain the place. Rumor says that the old janitor was buried in the theater's basement.....or someone else, but someone is "definitely" buried down rumor says.

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When the place was still an operating theater, employees would report lights turning themselves on and off.....and, when nobody else was around, something was cleaning up the litter and garbage left on the floor and between seats by theater-goers. Was it the ghost of the old janitor?

Go check it out for yourself.
You can always visit and ask some of the current employees of the Theater Bar or adjoining businesses...located at 22 Washington Ave, Grand Haven.

Take pictures if you get a tour and let me see 'em!

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