Treasure - buried or otherwise  - can be found just about ANYwhere!

Everybody at one point or another has checked the coin returns in public phones, vending machines, etc. to see if someone forgot their change...c'mon! Admit it! YOU did at least once!

But hidden treasures are ALL around...if you own a home or property, there is close to 100% probability there is something buried deep down in your yard that could bring you a few bucks. So how do you find this stuff?

Well, you can get shovels and start'll be surprised at what you may turn up. You may only dig a few inches or ten feet; but there are things somewhere in your yard worth digging up. When I was a kid, some of my friends and I were digging in the backyard, making an underground fort. We found old apothecary bottles, coins...and the weirdest thing we found: a bag full of human teeth! After some digging around in the town's history, we learned that the teeth were buried there in the 1800's by a dentist who would drive down side roads and bury the teeth he had extracted from his patients. And we lived in a regular smalltown neighborhood!

You wanna use a geiger counter? Go ahead, but you'll feel silly when all you turn up are old cans or scrap you'll feel like one of those old people on the beach - you know the ones...the old guys with baggy shorts, white socks up to the knees, floppy hat and sandals. Not a good look. Plus, geiger counters can't replace good ol' fashioned digging.

Where else are hidden treasures? In the usual places, obviously: antique stores, flea markets, storage bidding, yard sales, estate sales etc. Also, the countryside that looks uninhabited was more than likely the site of some life a couple of hundred years ago; that's another great place to take your shovels.

So if you got the gumption, time and tools, head out to your backyard and (literally) see what you can dig up! Just make sure it's OK with the head of the household before you start rippin' up the lawn or garden!