What's not to love about Michigan including Michigan's Upper Peninsula? There's so much to see and do in the U.P. (thetwincedars.com)

The one thing my family and I love is the fact that everything is within driving distance. We've been to the Upper Peninsula several times and believe me, it's absolutely beautiful and you need to take your sweet time to enjoy everything the U.P has to offer.

Let's take a look at some of the fun things you can do in Michigan's Upper Peninsula:

1. View the Northern Lights. This is a must see for sure. Lake Superior is so breath taking that you have to spend some time there looking at the Northern Lights. Some of the best views can be found in dark sky areas along Lake Superior.

2. Visit some ice caves. I've always wanted to visit ice caves but quite honestly, that's on my list next time we go to the U.P. The most well known are the Eben and Grand Island ice caves. You will see amazing views that the cold has to offer.

3. Climb Castle Rock in St. Ignace. I know so many people who have climbed Castle Rock because it's just so much fun. You will really enjoy the view.

4. Take a pictured rocks kayak tour in Munising. My family and I have done the pictured rocks boat tour which is absolutely fantastic. Can you imagine kayaking on Lake Superior looking at one of natures best master pieces.

5. Hike Tahquamenon Falls. You have to do this with your family because it's so relaxing and so beautiful at the same time. The hike is roughly 4.5 miles and worth every step. It's truly amazing to see when fall colors are in full bloom.

There are at lest 50 fun things you can do in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and we just gave you 5 things to do. To look at the other 45 fun things to do in the U.P., look no further than thetwincedars.com.

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