WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter these properties. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

While roadtripping through Michigan, you can stumble across many, many unique places and sights.....but only if you travel the back roads, dirt roads, and side roads. There are so many things hidden along these roads that people miss by taking the main highways.

For instance, there are endless abandoned houses down Michigan's dirt and back roads. Many of these houses are in exceptionally bad shape, and dangerous. You can fall through floors, get cut on broken glass, step on rusty nails, stir up a rattlesnake, etc.

Even though I don't endorse going into these old abandoned farmhouses, that doesn't stop the rabidly curious.

The photos below show the insides of a couple of old abandoned farmhouses, schoolhouse, and a small building that looks like it was used as a family chapel. All located somewhere out in the sticks, south of Traverse City.

You gotta wonder why people would leave so much stuff behind: furniture, clothes, necessities...even a religious display. What was the big rush to get outta there?

So just take a look at the photos and be glad that there are some people out there who document this stuff so we don't have to.

Protect yourself by always getting permission to enter any old or abandoned building, as they may still be privately owned.



Abandoned & Extinct Life O'Riley Mobile Home Park

Abandoned Paper Company

Abandoned Phelps Lounge, Detroit



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