The first Hippie Fest we went to was in Kalamazoo. Hippie Fest is a family-friendly music and arts festival featuring vibrant entertainment for all ages. Free admission for kids 10 and under. It is groovy baby! We had no idea what to expect. It was new and cool, but a bit smaller than expected. Then last year Hippie Fest came to Ionia. This one was much bigger and more exciting than the first one. We did not get a Hippie Fest this year, due to Covid. So, I dug through my pictures so we can take a trip back and enjoy the days of Peace, Love and Music! And do not forget the Tye Dye shirts, candles, incense, leather goods, moo moo dresses, glass pipes, sandals, bongs, jewelry, dining, dancing, and music. There was a little bit of everything at Hippie Fest, a very colorful crowd of people reliving the care free days of being freaky and just having an enjoyable time. Live local bands performed and the children danced. It was just a great vibe to the whole event. With the large crowd the event drew in Ionia, I am fairly sure it will be back in the future. And I look forward to a future visit, to our awesome past.

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