Look, let's be honest. We live in a state that is shaped exactly like a piece of winter apparel. You're either going to get snow, or tons of rain, or the weird thing that we call Michigan weather.

With that being said, we've seen our fair share of snow days here in Lansing, as well as rainy days.

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So, what can you do here in Lansing on a rainy day? Take a look and take a journey throughout all of Lansing and find the next stop on your new to-do list.

The Top Things You Can Do In Lansing In Doors On A Rainy Day

In a state where cooler temperatures are more prevalent than warmer ones, what exactly can you do on a snow day, or even a rainy day? We've compiled a list of the best spots in Lansing you need to check out.

Out of all the locations on the list, I have to say that Sparetime Entertainment Center and the Lansing Mall are my favorite little getaways on a rainy day.

Nothing beats bowling, ax throwing, and the good old shopping mall.

The best part of Lansing though is there is so much to do and see that, even on a rainy day, you still couldn't get everything you wanted to do over and done with.

What is your favorite rainy day spot here in Lansing? Open the chat feature, or talk to us on our social media. Help us add to our list. Tell people where they need to go here in Lansing for a good time on those miserable days.

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