Loving the lakes in Michigan and wanting to actually go diving in them are two very different things.

But, if you find yourself fascinated with shipwrecks, of which Lake Michigan alone is said to have about 1,500, what are you to do? You either get in the water or read about them, right?

Not anymore. And it's thanks to one Michigander.

I randomly stumbled upon a person named Chris Roxburgh on Facebook. The page is described as "Photographer" and seems to be based out of Traverse City. What caught my attention was, indeed, the photos. Like this one of an eerie looking shipwreck hidden beneath the surface of the Straits of Mackinac:

And this one pictured at the depth of 147':

Look how tiny he looks next to that wreck. As a reminder, Lake Michigan is about 925' deep meaning there's plenty to explore.

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As it turns out, Chris Roxburgh also has a Youtube channel showing his underwater explorations which come in handy for those who love shipwrecks but, perhaps, don't want to venture into the water themselves.

Here, Roxburgh is exploring The Albatross shipwreck found in Elk Rapids, MI.

Or this one where you can see the ship's controls that are incredible intact for being submerged in water for a long period of time:



In this video, you see the remnants of The Bermuda shipwreck located by Munising in Lake Superior:

The murky water really makes you feel like something terrifying could emerge at any moment. Or, is that just me?

Roxburgh also does something that many may speak about...but few actually do (for obvious reasons)...ice diving in Lake Michigan. You'll have to visit his Youtube page to see that one, though. I'm bundling up just watching it.

Exploring shipwrecks (perhaps for hidden treasure) may feel like a childhood dream but, thanks to Michiganders like Chris Roxburgh, you can make it a possibility while staying dry and cozy in the comfort of your own home. You can find even more photos on his Facebook page.

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