Stay home and stay safe, words many of us are living by now, thanks to the coronavirus.  At some point, you start to climb the walls.  That is why Drive-In movie theaters are ready to make a comeback.

Drive-in movie theaters, which used to do big business started disappearing from the American landscape.  Now only a few exist in Michigan and other states.

As a small child I remember my Mom putting us in our pajamas and we would pile into the station wagon with pillows and blankets and head off to the drive-in to catch a double feature.  By the time the second movie was done, all of us kids were sound asleep in the back of the car, and Mom and Dad had a night out without having to get a babysitter.

When our oldest was born there was still a drive-in theater in Mid Michigan.   As parents, we got to see a movie while the baby slept in her car seat.   No babysitter, and we got a night out.

The coronavirus pandemic has ended up wreaking havoc on the movie industry, closing all theaters to help stop the spread of the virus.  But a small number of theaters remain and as the weather warms up more and more people will be heading to see movies while still practicing social distancing.

Last week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he was considering allowing drive-ins to reopen while regular theaters remain closed.

Watch a movie from the safety of your car,  and get a night out of the house.  Michigan has 6 drive-ins that are or will be open soon and your kids will love it

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Drive-ins Making a Comeback

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