Divine Child High School in Dearborn seems to have it's own personal ghost.

A few years back, the school was adding on a new gymnasium; unfortunately, during construction, a worker fell off the scaffold - smack down on his head. Needless to say, the unfortunate man passed away due to the extreme trauma to his skull...but according to witnesses, he never left.

If you happen to be in the school during the night, you may see the apparition of the man lurking up in the gym's catwalk. Walking through the halls late at night may also cause some jitters...those who have been in the halls after hours claim they've heard footsteps by some unseen presence following them...and the feeling of being watched is tremendous.

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Another story that's been going around says that if you're in the school late at night going through the empty halls, you may see some of the classrooms with their lights on.....and janitor equipment by the door. But upon looking inside, you'll see nobody is around. Some say they've found bizarre, creepy scrawlings on the chalkboards...more often odd words and sometimes shapes and figures.

So, if you know someone in the area, find out if YOU can get permission to venture into the school late at night.....alone.....if you have the nerve. Remember, you have a MUCH better chance of seeing, hearing or recording something paranormal IF YOU ARE ALONE. Let me know what happens.....

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