2020 has been quite a year so far. I know we still have 4 months left, but if we had to design a corn maze based on this year, I already have some ideas on what should be in it. Last week, I had a story about a corn maze outside of Saginaw that was shaped in the words of "COVID GO AWAY", so that gave me the idea for a 2020 themed corn maze and I have some and I'm also looking for your ideas.

First off, if I designed a 2020 themed corn maze, I wouldn't design it into anything that made sense. I wouldn't cut out 2020 in the corn maze, cause that makes too much sense and this year hasn't made a lot of sense. My 2020 themed corn maze would be in the formation of a circle and probably take forever, like this year.

Next, I would have tons of entrances, but only one way out. It will feel just like this year cause you think its over but it just keeps going. At each entrance there would also be hand sanitizer.

There also would be paths everywhere, some that don't even lead to the end, because 2020. The many paths would be good for social distancing and as you are trying various paths to exit other people also lost can help you out.

Finally, this 2020 corn maze has to be haunted. It just has to be, year round. There should be creepy noises, zombies, people that pop out and scare you (but don't touch you, cause germs). 2020 has been a scary and haunting year so it just fits year round.

What else would you add to this 2020 corn maze? Tell us by using the 97.5 NOW FM app and the "Chat" feature.

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