WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

The Detroit Naval Armory – or Brodhead Naval Armory - sits at the junction of East Jefferson Avenue and Baldwin Street in Detroit. It sits there looking like it's occupied, but nope – it has been deserted since 2004.

The Armory opened in 1930 and was a continuous service & training station for marines and sailors. Some think this is an odd place for a naval armory – like why isn't it near the ocean?

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Back in the 1880s it was normal for naval militias to form along the Great Lakes. Michigan's began in 1893 and by 1929, the armory membership had 600 men...but that was the capacity.

Looking for a larger place, $375,000 was appropriated by the city and state for a larger building. The city of Detroit donated the land on which it currently stands – now closed, but standing. The cornerstone was laid in May 1930 and the construction was complete by October.

Not only was it a training facility, but it became a very popular place to hold dances, auto shows, political meetings, sports events and USO get-togethers. It just happened to be the first place where the future heavyweight champ of the world, Joe Louis, had his first major bout. He lost.

After closing in 2004, it became known as having the largest collection of Depression-era artwork, referring to the door and staircase wood carvings and Art Deco designs. But, being deserted and empty, it became invaded by vandals and looters who took a majority of the historic interior.

Ideas have been kicked around as to what to do with it, but so far nothing definite. It still sits waiting at that junction.....and yes, slowly decaying until someone wises up, steps in, and saves it.

The gallery below takes you inside...

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