Sometimes when ya see somethin' empty and deserted, ya gotta catch images of it before it's either demolished or restructured. In this particular case, it was re-structured.

The Denny's Restaurant at 31831 Gratiot Avenue in Roseville was closed sometime in the 2010s. It was in 2020 when a passerby happened to notice the empty building and parking lot and decided to grab video of the building, its surroundings, and insides.

Looking at the interior, it is surprisingly in decent shape – more so than the majority of other closed, empty places we've seen. Chairs and tables seem intact, no spray-painted graffiti – but there is only one sign of vandalism I noticed: around the side is a smashed out window, just big enough for someone to crawl through.

Remember this warning?
WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. 

Well, don't even think about paying a visit to explore a deserted building. It isn't is no longer a deserted Denny's. Not long after these images were recorded, this former Denny's was turned into two establishments: a Mattress Firm and at the right end of the building is a Detroit Wing Company eatery.

Take a look and see how the empty Denny's looked in 2020, and then take a gander at how the building looks in 2024.

Abandoned Denny's Restaurant in Roseville: 2020


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