The creepy doll display that was found along the forest line off M-33 (a/k/a N. Abbe Rd) has been REMOVED...taken down...eliminated!

It was on the east side of the road, east of Grayling between the small towns of Fairview and Comins.

Some dolls were hanging from the trees, while others were tied with rope, driving vehicles, dressed in odd attire, posed in twisted shapes, painted to look bloody, sitting on furniture, playing with toys… was weird.

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Why would someone pose these dolls alongside the road? Just for fun I would assume, the same reason there are shoe trees. I admit, it was somewhat unnerving to see these dolls out in the countryside, away from houses.....made me think of a "Twilight Zone" episode.

Travelers and locals (or was it just one person?) kept putting extra dolls in the display, until it got really elaborate and garish.

Evidently, some of the poses got too provocative, bringing complaints until someone came and removed the whole darn thing. Now travelers who look forward to seeing it will be disappointed.

Take a look below at just how elaborate the display got before removal...



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