WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Looking especially creepy at night, the insides of this closed Kmart in Flint can be even creepier.

Originally the site of the old North Flint Drive-in Theater, the Kmart was built in the mid-1960s. Part of the building was turned into a Circle Grocery store, as you will see in the photo gallery below. You'll also see some extensive fire damage (done before or after the closing?) and some spots that look like some squatters or homeless people have set up some kind of makeshift living quarters.

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As far as the old North Flint Drive-in, it opened on May 27, 1948 with the film The Unfinished Dance. It had one screen and could squeeze in 760 cars. The drive-in closed down in 1966, curiously at a time when drive-in theaters were actually flourishing. Shortly thereafter it was demolished to make way for the Kmart.

During Kmart's “re-structuring” phase, this particular location was shut down in 1999.

There have been hopes of renovations and re-opening the building, but looking at the state of the interior, the cost of fixing it up probably wouldn't be worth it...you'll see what I mean.

The location is listed as 6101 N. Saginaw Street.

Abandoned Kmart, Flint


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