How do you feel about carrying around a vaccine passport here in Michigan just to use to get into local businesses?  This passport will show proof that you've been vaccinated from getting COVID-19.

According to WILX:

Tech companies are racing to build apps to create a digital vaccine passport in the future.  Some airlines, stadiums or even universities could require proof of vaccination.

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Instead of using vaccine passports to enter buildings, go to concerts, board airplanes, or whatever, what happened to completely trusting people with what they tell you?

That right there is a problem, you can't trust what people tell you these days.  If you can't even go to the grocery store without worrying if someone is going in the wrong direction down a grocery isle, or simply not wearing their masks, then I would say that maybe a vaccine passport is the way to go.

WILX makes a good point:

"If you do require that, then certainly you don't have as many restrictions to follow.  The other advantage of that, I think it provides some incentive for people to get vaccinated when they start finding out that the private sector businesses may start requiring it, but it will also no doubt result in the political pushback," said Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail.

It would be nice if everyone just got vaccinated in the first place so we're not required to carry around a vaccine passport everywhere we go.

WILX also adds:

There's an effort in the Michigan legislature to prohibit local governments from requiring them, but what about privately owned businesses?

Not sure if local businesses are considering this or not, but we do know now that this is an ongoing discussion.

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