If you've been smelling a gas, or rather, egg-like smell in Jackson recently, Consumers Energy has an explanation but also some comfort in knowing it's nothing to worry about.

This is not the first time we have ventured down the "Ohhh that smell?" rabbit hole here folks, remember the 127 North smell?

While that one just smelled like sewage, this smell in Jackson is one we've all come to know as a sign of danger...eggs.

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Why Egg-Like Smells Would Be Concerning

According to WILX, because natural gas typically has no discernable odor that "rotten egg" or sulfur smell we are all used to is added to make sure you can identify when there is a gas leak.

Union Gas says this substance is called mercaptan and it is harmless but the natural gas it is added to is highly flammable.

If you smell the gas, it could mean there is a leak in your home which gets very dangerous very quickly. So, Consumers Energy says if you do suspect a leak to make sure you DO NOT: try to locate the source, use a light or electric device, ignite any flame (lighters/matches). However, DO get out of the home and notify neighbors, if possible.

What's Going On In Jackson?

On Tuesday, June 8th at around 3:30 p.m., American 1 Credit Union posted on their Facebook page they were directed by Consumers Energy to evacuate branch locations due to a gas smell.

In the comment section, other Facebook users in Jackson said they could smell the gas in their neighborhoods too.

However, WILX reports Consumers has since looked into it and they say there is no leak and no need to worry.

The Reason For The Smell

Consumers Energy told WILX they were working on de-commissioning some of the odorizing equipment which did allow some to escape. That, mixed with the increased humidity, is what is causing the smell to stick around a bit longer in the area.

As of Tuesday, June 8th, Consumers said they did stop the work on that equipment and will return to it when the weather is "more favorable."

So, if you are out and about in this mugginess that is currently blanketed over Jackson and the rest of the area, don't be too concerned about the stench...

We all know humidity can make us stinky but who knew it could also make stenches stick around longer? Here's some other weird things the weather can do:

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