I try to present cool stuff to do in Michigan that costs little or nothing...and there is SO much to do here even on a shoestring budget!

A nice little diversion to add to your northern Michigan roadtrip is the Chutes and Ladders playground in the U.P.'s  Keewenaw Peninsula in Houghton County... ENJOYED BY MANY ADULTS (yeah, and kids, too)!

Located along the Keewenaw Waterway in the Raymond Kestner Waterfront Park, on West Lakeshore Drive in Houghton.

The slides are a nostalgic tribute to the old "Chutes & Ladders" board game we used to play as kids...and now you can actually climb the ladders and shoot the chutes yourself! If you wanna spend a little more time there, there's an RV park with picnic grounds and a beach...

Going to the U.P.? Then you may wanna stop here for awhile. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A KID TO ENJOY CHUTES AND LADDERS...plenty of adults come here to shoot the chutes. Make this a part of your Michigan roadtrip!

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