In my own personal opinion, the 1950s, as well as the '60s, just had a futuristic vibe to them. While technology didn't look like the old cartoon the Jetson's, it felt as if you were living in a time of wild and great technology like the old cartoon.

The home below is practically untouched from the 1950s, and you can see that carry through the home. The house looks like it is in amazing standings, still holding original paints, wallpaper as well as cabinetry from the 1950s. And if you've ever wondered why the color pink & blue was so prominent in homes during the period, you'll want to keep reading.

Check Out This Once Untouched Michigan Home Straight Out Of The 50'S

The paints, the color, the powerful feeling of futuristic designs. This all screams the 1950's. This Michigan home, which is unfortunately not on the market, but screamed the 1950's before it was bought.

This home is currently not on the market, and for the protection and safety of the current owners, we ask that you do not go snooping around this home. These photos were taken before this Michigan home was bought.

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With all of that being said, the home is no longer open to the public eye. The current owners could have very well tried flipping the home to match the current times and decade. Or, they could've even attempted to flip it for a pretty penny. Regardless, you won't find another home this well preserved.

Well, maybe minus your grandparents, or even parent's home.

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