If anyone has anymore information after reading this, please feel free to post your comments!

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This is pretty sketchy but it's what I've picked up so far...the occurrences happened in a little yellow house in Charlotte. After a family moved in, the older son attempted to use the basement as a bedroom but it became impossible; he felt invisible eyes were watching him and the family dog refused to go anywhere near the basement.

Another time, the same boy was in the bathroom when he heard whispering; he attempted to listen intently, wondering what family member was trying to speak to him. He then heard whispering directly into his ear, as if someone was right next to him. Freaked out, he left the bathroom without finishing his 'business' and ran into his mother's room, who swears she had been nowhere near the bathroom.

Still another time, a younger son was using the bathroom when someone pushed him violently into the bathroom door. He was so frightened, he, too, ran to his mother's room and began hugging a trash can after being told no one else had been in the bathroom.

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Windows have been found broken, kitchen items would fly under their own power (like a loaf of bread that flew from one end of the kitchen to the other) and continuous sounds come from the kitchen as if someone is in there cooking or whatever. Friends and other family members who visit confirm the weird happenings, as they too experienced strange occurrences.

NOW...does anyone know which home I'm referring to? Have you heard these tales before? I don't want to invade anyone's privacy, in case the house is currently inhabited, but if anyone knows of any other paranormal or spooky occurrences in that home or elsewhere, please leave a comment!

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