In the southwest corner of Michigan stands… old Sinclair service station? Sort of, but not.

In the town of Cassopolis in Michigan’s Cass County sits a Sinclair station with no gas pumps. The structure was an old, run-down, raggedy gas station that someone had the good sense to restore. Not only was it fixed-up and repaired, but it was turned into a replica of the Sinclair gas stations America loved and visited from the 1940’s thru the 1970’s. And yes, there are some Sinclair stations still around in the U.S.

As Sinclair and the brontosaurus mascot were phased out and became ARCO, the public seemed to forget about this classic slice of Roadside Americana.

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But now, if you’re in the Cassopolis area, you can get a selfie with an amazing replica of Michigan’s long-gone Sinclair stations. The ‘station’ is currently used by the owner as a parking lot for his vehicles and a place for the local police cars.

This cool little Michigan Roadside stop is at the corner of Broadway & Jefferson in Cassopolis, near Stone Lake.

There are other Sinclair replicas around the country, and it's nice to see Michigan involved with keeping it alive.

And don’t forget Sinclair’s old catch-phrase: “At Sinclair, we care…about you, about your car” (scroll past the photos and check out the old Sinclair commercial)!


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