There is a cemetery just outside of Byron Center on Homerich Avenue, just southwest of town, the Winegar Cemetery.

A handful of tales have been circulating for years about the paranormal activities that occur in this graveyard.....the most well-known are the glowing gravestone and a female apparition from the 1800's.

A tombstone within the cemetery is said to glow in pitch blackness, with no other lights in the vicinity shining on it, or even a bright moon. Curiosity seekers travel to this graveyard at night to see if they can find this glowing grave. Paranormal investigators have frequented the site; one team took a handful of random photos and took them home to develop...upon developing, they saw the ghostly figure of a little girl sitting on one of the gravestones. The team said the girl was covered in orbs, but I don't believe so-called "orbs" amount to much. But the figure of the little girl apparition definitely does.

On a separate occasion, a couple of female curiosity seekers went to the cemetery during the day to look for the glowing gravestone. They saw a figure of a woman dressed in 1800's clothing walking amongst the graves; the figure turned and looked at the two ladies, gave them a smile, walked away and seemed to vanish. Even though this occurrence happened in the daytime, the two ladies claimed they would never set foot in there again.

How 'bout you? If you have the ghost-hunting itch, this may be a good place to investigate. But as always, be respectful of the graves, the land, any neighbors and any closing hours (if any). Don't ruin the fun for future paranormal seekers.

Don't confuse the "Byron Center" cemetery with the "Byron" cemetery...they are two different locations, two different towns (you can read all about the "Woman in Black" of Byron cemetery by CLICKING HERE).

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